Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe: Comic Mini-Series

     At his very best (His finest X-men Days), Longshot has been a B lister of the Marvel Universe. At his worst he’s virtually nonexistent. I doubt most people even know who he is as they read this right now. I can tell you though, that he is easily one of the most fun and interesting comic characters ever created! Everyone assumes he’s a mutant because of his X roots, but his powers ...[Read More]

Death of Wolverine: Comic Book Miniseries

  For my first comic book review, I have decided to go with probably the most risk and ambitious title that has happened in the past year or two. Killing off a major character, like one of your top selling flagship characters, is always a bold move. They kind of killed Spidey so they could do the excellent “Superior Spider-man” series and they killed off Cap at the end of Civil Wa...[Read More]

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