Domestic Assessments

Allie Strom and the Ring of Solomon by Justin Sloan

I am very glad to have come across this book. I’m upset that it took me so long to get to it, but I’m very grateful that I did, as Justin Sloan has crafted a very palatable first entry into his young adult, fantasy-fiction series. I’ve run into an abundance of YA novels lately (as they are a current trend) and very few actually stand out to me in terms of pacing and narrative str...[Read More]

“House of Dreams” by T-Ray the Violinist: Domestic Assessment

     I’m not big on doing music reviews, because it’s a medium that’s way too open to interpretation and everyone is so loud about their opinions. That being said, when I meet an artist or an artist requests that I review their material, no matter what it is, I do it. I always say that no matter what, I’m a story first type of person. That’s my primary reason for revi...[Read More]

How to Make a Modern Woman Act Like a Traditional Lady by Jessica Bordelon

     This is a new thing I’m getting into with this blog. I’m officially calling them “Domestic Assessments.” They are reviews of the work of homegrown heroes. Leave your email address in the comments if you have anything you would like for me to review. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. That being said, let’s get to it: At first glance I was kind of cau...[Read More]

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