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Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland: Retro Review

I actually can’t believe it has taken me so long to do a review on this movie. Maybe it’s fitting that I’m using it as my return to head writer of Geekhaven Reviews, because it is one of my favorite movies of all time. So much so that my first novel “Escape from Undermind” was heavily influenced by it. Little Nemo is a one-hundred-eleven year old character, as Winsor ...[Read More]

Lethal Weapon Review

  I decided the best place to start my Retro Reviews would be reviewing movies made in my birth year. I realize in RETROspect that this was a surefire way to remind myself of how old I really am, but…OH WELL! So here I am, watching Lethal Weapon. Lethal Weapon is a movie that has been a part of the zeitgeist for a long time, having accrued a 4-movie franchise and plenty of room for lampoon (s...[Read More]

The Last Unicorn: Retro Review

I don’t really remember watching The Last Unicorn as a child, but it’s pretty intense. The first thing that caught my attention was the visual style, which is very similar to a few older features I’ve seen. If Thundercats and The Hobbit (the 1977 animated one) had a baby together and that baby then had a baby with Kiki’s Delivery Service and Speed Racer was the godfather, t...[Read More]

Legend: Retro Review

I’ll just start off by saying Tim Curry will always be one of the most terrifying actors of all time. I can also say, that Tom Cruise hasn’t always been among the most handsome actors of all times. As one of his first leading roles, in which he does a decent acting job, he has physical flaws that I’m sure no one has seen since long before the Top Gun era. Mia Sara does a good job...[Read More]

Blade Runner (Final Cut): Retro Review

This one was difficult for me. I had only seen this movie once as a child and I hated it back then. My less sophisticated mind wasn’t very impressed by the story and I was definitely turned off by the snail’s crawl pacing. I did like the few action sequences, tone and visual effects though, but that just wasn’t enough to get me interested in a second viewing. I have just avoided ...[Read More]

Road to Perdition: Retro Review

Happy Father’s Day! I think this could very possibly be one of Tom Hanks’ most underrated roles. Twelve or so years ago when it was announced I remember being confused. Tom Hanks as a gangster? That doesn’t sound like it makes much sense at all. My father, who has always been one of the most influential and inspirational people in my life, loves gangster movies, so I’ve see...[Read More]

Fantastic Four (1994): Retro Review

Nope, the mediocre movie that 20th Century Fox made was not the first Fantastic Four movie ever made. Eleven years before that doomed franchise was introduced, there was another. The story of Roger Corman’s production is the stuff geek legends are made of. I won’t get into the entire story, but from various sources around the internet, the rights for this movie were purchased by German...[Read More]

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie: Retro Review

I remember loving this movie as a child. I didn’t realize how bold it was at the time, but I can see why I loved it so much now. If you’re not familiar with the original “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” show, I understand. It was over twenty years ago, but I assure you it left enough impressions on the kids of the time to last just as long as it has, albeit in different versi...[Read More]

The Brave Little Toaster: Retro Review

I really don’t remember this movie being anywhere this dark. I mean holy crap, appliances die! I mean that’s no big deal in real life, but considering appliances are apparently sentient here that’s pretty grim. The Jack Nicholson air conditioner seems to give himself a stroke out of frustration, cars are mashed and then they go to the salvage shop… There’s a frankenst...[Read More]

Masters of the Universe (Movie): Retro Review

     I’m always poking fun at the 90’s for the ridiculousness of their movies that are all based on toy and video game franchises, but now… the 80’s. In fact, I’m pretty sure the 80’s is the time period that started the whole “let’s make movies to sell toys and games” thing. It’s like everyone suddenly figured out that children were the k...[Read More]

Super Mario Bros.: Retro Review

Ah the 90’s! Does anyone remember this movie? My fondness for it was extreme when I was a small child, but I don’t think I knew anything about property adaptations. I’m sure I knew less than nothing about a property being faithful to its source material. This is from the Super Mario Bros. franchise. The video game series that stars the most recognizable video game character of al...[Read More]

Serial Mom: Retro Review

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!      So in honor of Mother’s day I decided to do this review. It’s not exactly something that falls into geek culture, unless you count horror and true crime fanatics, but I wanted to do it anyway. I have a couple of clothes friends whose mothers have always been like mothers to me and a lot of friends who have become mothers themselves, but there are four w...[Read More]

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