Video Games

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: Video Game

     At first glance, this game is gorgeous. At second, third, fourth, fifth and all subsequent glances it is still gorgeous. It is quite possibly the most beautiful game on the Wii U so far. In fact, the biggest problem I had with this game was that the control style pretty much keeps your eyes on the gamepad instead of the television where the graphics could be appreciated. They claymation look ...[Read More]

#IDARB (It Draws A Red Box): Video Game

     Okay guys, I promise I’ll do a commercial game soon, but there are just so many really good indie games out there. This is another games that was free on Xbox Live Gold that is worth paying regular price for. At first glance the graphics don’t really draw attention, but by now we should know graphics can be deceiving. Look at games like “Shovel Knight,” “Spelunky...[Read More]

Volgarr the Viking: Video Game

     I would like to amend a previous statement of mine. Instead of “indie games are the future,” I’m now saying that indie games are a portal into the golden age of video games. Enter Volgarr the Viking, a game that has been played by many, but only paid for by an astounding 4% of those who played it. I am ashamed to say I am part of that majority, as I only got this game as a f...[Read More]

Limbo: Video Game

     This is one of those games that I just keep playing. Pretty much every time I need to kill forty five minutes to an hour, I turn this one on. I have a pretty decent sized game collection, but for some reason I always pick either this one or “Portal.” I’ve played through it twice in the past two days to keep my mind and hands occupied while talking on the phone. That makes at...[Read More]

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